Monday, September 21, 2015

Photographing Seniors is always fun and each photo shoot is different.  From the location to props, including a special car or musical instrument.  Always consider your special talents when organizing
your clothing for your shoot.  I can help put outfits together and ideas during our phone consultation.

She had the best cowboy boots on.  Her initials were sewn into the backs.  They are a special piece in her wardrobe so I am happy she choose to select an outfit to show them off!  Senior Sessions are your time to shine and show personality.  Enjoy it and have fun.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunrise photo shoots at the Naples Pier are such fun.  The lighting is amazing this time of day . 

Yes, we do have fun on shoots.  I am certain he is laughing at me!!  I'll take it!!

I have a couple Senior photo shoots to show.  I love helping to put outfits together and finding
fabulous locations around Naples to shoot!  Both young ladies were so much fun to

I brought a backdrop and attached to my car and created a great image using available light! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back yard fun!

I am so fortunate to have photographed some amazing couples on their wedding day.

 When they call me to photograph their child is something I treasure!  We get to reminisce about the wedding day and the memories created.

Between many gummy snacks we captured some fun shots!  The perk of shooting at home..drinks and snacks!!!

 The cat wanted to photo bomb many shots, I liked this one!

 This little guy was so fun to photograph and I look forward to capturing future milestones with this wonderful family!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Naples Pier

 My very dear friend, Michelle and her family have been a joy to photograph over the years! We actually made it before sunrise. So worth getting up early!  We actually beat most of the fisherman who frequent the Pier!

 I think photographing parents with children is just as important as the family photograph. Their personalities always come out at that time! Perhaps they try to out do each other!!

 The water under the Pier and surrounding area was so calm and beautiful.  I definitely recommend sunrise photo shoots!

 Notice the growth coming out of the right side of the piling!

 I think I have a Mario Brothers pose from him every year !

I love capturing refelections..Not always possible at the beach, but we got lucky with the tide.